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How The School of Research Science uses innovative technology to boost results
The School of Research Science was founded in 1998 to provide a high quality UK led education to the children of local Emirati families. Since that time, the school has seen a dramatic expansion linked directly to its success. SRS has a powerful vision coupled with strong ambition and clear sense of direction which has enabled the school to grow and become a very successful all-through school for over 3 800 students.

In this showcase webinar, led by Michelle Thomas, Direction of Education at SRS, you will follow the journey that the school has embarked upon in the pursuit of driving up standards. Insights from leaders at SRS will be shared around the implementation of CENTURY Tech and how it has supported the school to achieve outstanding results and improvements in recent external tests.


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Michelle Thomas
Director of Education @SRS Dubai
Michelle has been a Headteacher since 2004, a National Leader of Education (NLE), a School Inspector and is currently the Director of Education at the School of Research Science (SRS).
Edel Quigely
Lead Practitioner, Secondary Science Department @SRS Dubai
Edel is originally from Ireland and has been in the UAE for the past eight years. Before the UAE, she worked in London and Dublin. At SRS, Edel works as a lead practitioner for the science department. She is a key player in the whole school SRS CENTURY Drive Team. One of her main goals is the incorporation of the CENTURY platform across the science department with a particular focus on Key Stage 3. Through a tenacious approach and a high level of consistency, the department has achieved their best results yet in many external testing benchmarks. Edel will detail how this has been achieved.
Rebekah Kirman
Head of Year 6 @SRS Dubai
Rebekah is the Head of Year 6 at SRS in Dubai where she oversees 18 classes. She has been in working in Dubai for 6 years, originally hailing from Manchester, UK. At SRS, she leads Mathematics for the Junior school and has a passion for improving children's knowledge in this subject area. CENTURY has been used by Rebekah’s team for just over a year and she will detail the consistent approach they use to ensure success and how to balance the use in a busy primary classroom.